Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fast Food Foibles

I ordered a Big Mac for lunch last week at McDonald's. I thought I ordered this:

But I received this:

Messy, but they even have the cheese dripping over the edge. Of course, the thinness of the burger patty is appalling.

I also ordered a Big Mac later in the day for dinner, from the same McDonald's. Yeah, I know, I'll be dead by 24, but I'm trying to win the Monopoly million and there are only a few days left. Again, I'd like you to refer to the first picture of the Big Mac I showed you. This burger was awful.
Save for three strands, I was lettuce-less. And I love lettuce on my burgers. Where's my drippy cheese? I was horrified to see only two pickles, stacked on top of each other so all the flavor is in one bite. The bottom bun was drenched in mayonnaise. It took me a couple of minutes to find the second burger patty.

As a college student, I practically live on take-out. With the addition of the dollar menu at most fast food restaurants, it's cheaper to use the drive-thru than the oven. I work in a casual dining restaurant, so I can usually get some great food discounted at work too.

Lately, I've been terribly disappointed by the quality of the food I receive. I've noticed Burger King NEVER remembers to add cheese when I ask them to. To me, a burger without cheese is like ice cream without sprinkles. Why fucking bother? Burger King even gave me the wrong shake twice. I'm just too lazy to go back and complain, and I'm sure they're not exactly striving for greatness either. McDonald's doesn't salt the fries anymore, and the kicker is most people eat all their fries on the way home with the food, just because there's nothing better than a fresh, hot, salted fry. Wendy's charges fifty cents for extra sauce, which I think is ridiculous. I've had customers ask me for PLENTY of extra sides over the years, but we don't charge for them. I could see asking for a bag full of BBQ sauce with an order of nuggets, but if I don't see a big deal with an extra packet of sauce if it makes your customers happy.

The only fast food restaurant I've been consistently happy with is Taco Bell.

But I digress.

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